• Tokyo

    Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program

    It require large facilities (which amount used of the fuel, heat and electricity last year is more than 1500kL/year per clude oil) to reduct CO2 emissions.

  • Saitama

    It require large facilities (which use more than 1500kL per clude oil for each 3 years) to aim reduction of CO2 emissions, evaluate and open to public the situasion.

Division Duty reduction rate
First Second
Ⅰ-1 Office buildings and district heating and cooling facilities (excluding Category I-2) 8% 17%
I-2 Office buildings that use district heating and cooling 6% 15%
Offices other than Division I-1 and I-2 (Factory etc.) 6% 15%

Handle Credit

In our system, you can sell and purchase various credits such as excess credits/small and medsize facility credits/renewable credits/outside-tokyo credits/saitama credits.

Our Feature in Major Credits
Type Overview Our features
Excess emission reduction Reduction amount exceeding specified reduction amount every fiscal year at specified global warming countermeasures office Procure credit from companies that owns a specific offices
Saitama cooperation credit (excess reduction amount) Reduction amount that exceeded the reduction target for each fiscal year at large-scale business offices Based on the trends in Saitama’s trading market, you can select credits with better conditions
Small and medium-sized credits in Tokyo Reduction amount by voluntary reduction efforts such as heat source, air conditioning, lighting equipment update and introduction of new equipment at designated global warming countermeasure offices (medium-scale offices) It is also possible to provide credits created by us and procure credits from small lots
Renewable energy credit “Environmental value” such as CO2 emission reduction by renewable energy incl. solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass are credited. We have a track record of cooperation with renewable energy-related businesses, and it is possible to procure credits upon request


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