J-Credit scheme support

We offer support from project development to credit sales with the J-Credit scheme.

About J-Credit scheme

Under the J-Credit Scheme, the government certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 reduced or removed by sinks as “credits”. This can be done through, for example, introducing energy-saving devices or managing forests etc. This scheme is managed and administered by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under the name “J-Credit Scheme”. By registering your energy-saving / renewable energy business under this scheme and going through various procedures needed, the amount of CO2 emission reduction will be certified as “credits”. The credits created under the scheme can be used for various purposes, such as achieving the targets of the Keidanren’s Commitment to a Low Carbon Society, and carbon offset etc. Please see J-Credit Scheme website for further information.

Examples of eligible projects for the J-Credit scheme (excerption)

Energy efficiency
Methodology Nr. Methodology
EN-S-001 Introduction of biolers
EN-S-002 Introduction of heat pumps
EN-S-003 Renewal of industrial furnace
EN-S-004 Introduction of air conditioning equipment
EN-S-005 Introduction of intermittent operation control, inverter control or number control to pumps and fans
Renewable Energy
Methodology Nr. Methodology
EN-R-001 Replacement of fossil fuel or grid power with biomass solid fuel (woody biomass)
EN-R-002 Introduction of PV
EN-R-003 Introduction of heating equipment using renewable energy
EN-R-004 Replacement of fossil fuel or grid power with bio liquid fuel (BDF, bioethanol, bio oil)
EN-R-005 Replacement of fossil fuel or grid power with biomass solid fuel (waste-derived biomass solid fuel)

Benefits of using the J-Credit scheme

There are following benefits by creating J-Credits.

Scope of service

We support a series of operations from project registration to crediting.
In addition, we support procedures such as transfer and renewal from J-VER and domestic credit.

Offers of support

Project registration

  1. Project consultation
  2. Estimation of CO2 emission reduction
  3. Writing project plan
  4. Coordination with the certification body
  5. Attending validation
  6. Project registration


  1. Writing monitoring report
  2. Creation of data list and materials needed for monitoring
  3. Attending verification
  4. Procedure for credit issuance

Our achievements

To date, we have a track record of creating J-Credits related to energy conservation and renewable energy in project based and in programmatic based projects. Questions such as “Can I register for the J-Credit scheme in this case?”, “How much credits can be created with a certain CO2 emission reductions?” can be consulted.

Project target areas
Energy Conservation
Renewable energy
Industrial process
Project scale
Normal project type
Program type *1


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