Carbon Offset

Carbon offsetting is to compensate for reduction amount of greenhouse gases(=carbon credit) made by project to reduct them, instead of your emissions by daily life and economic activity. You can invest in reduction actibity meeting your volume of gas emissions by indirectly.

Carbon Offset

Credit handling

  • J-credit
  • J-VER
  • Domestic credit
  • Kyoto Mechanism Credit (CER)
  • VER
  • JCM credit

Supports of Carbon Offset

we support all your carbon offsetting project, including planning, practicing, and calculation of carbon footprint, following the offseting principle to calculate greenhhouse gas emissions discharged by individual activity such as holding events and creation of goods and services, and to offset the carbon credit you can’t reduce.

For companies

For indivisuals

  • Offset CO2 by daily life

  • Offset CO2 by using air plane

  • Change usual electric power to green power

    Green Power Certificate

Kyoto Mechanism Credit

verseas credit : Kyoto Mechanism Credit(CER), VER and so on
We can provide some overseas credit such as CER(Certified Emission Reduction) and VER(Verified Emission Reduction) confirmed by Gold Standard.
To use overseas credit, you can contribute not only to redcution of CO2, but also to support of developing countries and the project of them.

How CER and VER work

Gold Standard credit

Gold Standard is authenticted standard about CDM(crean developement mechanism), JI(Joint Implementation) or degree of “quality” of VER project based on each country’s system. It is tool for reduction of greenhouse gases and support sustainable developement. For crredit purchaser, it can confirm the ‘quality’ of the credit.


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