You can get CO2 emissions not by direct calculate, by multiplying “active mass”, used in economics statistists (for ex. The amount of use of gasoline, electoronics and gas), by “emission factor”

You can use CO2 emissions in multiple scene.

Use of calculated CO2 emissions

  • Know your / yourcompany own CO2 emissions
  • Know offset voume for carbon offsetting
  • Mention to CSR reports
  • Support of obtaining Japan Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Neutral Certification
  • CDP(carbon disclosure project) consulting

We also support ofappricarion for obtaining Japan Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Neutral Certification and exchange with CDP.
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CDP Consulting

This is a consulting service that supports the acquisition of verification by a third-party examination body for the creation of draft answers, calculation of CO2 emissions, and CO2 emissions for the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire.

Assistance in drafting answers or taking measures to improve scores. By actively disclosing information, you can promote your company’s environmental policy and risk management attitude.

Also in the future, in Japan, institutional investors will decide the investment destination by referring to the CDP score from the viewpoint of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment. It is assumed that By responding to CDP, we can present it to global institutional investors as an ESG-conscious company.


CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project) is a project to motivate companies to disclosure the data concerned about environments such as CO2 emissions from the compny and strategies to solve clomate change. It started in 2000 and more and more companies have responded to the annually questionnaire sended to selected company based on the aggregate market value.

Importance of CDP and the reason why you should responce

CDP is representative of 822 institutional investors, are said to be a total of 92 trillion, and influence their decition. And more, responces of CDP is open to the public, including investor, acscording to the effort. That is why the company who get high stcore receive high evaluation and enhance each enterprise value based on global standard.


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