JICA’s support for the Japanese SMEs overseas business development project is to develop a win-win business to meet the needs of both developing countries’ demand “ in solving development issues in their own countries” and Japanese SMEs’ desire “ in wanting to expand their business overseas”.

Examples of products and technologies covered by JICA’s private sector support project

JICA’s SME overseas development support project aims to solve the needs of developing countries in the following product and technical fields.

Field Specific examples of proposed products Products and fields that can be supported by us
Environment / Energy Renewable energy power generation, biotoilet, rainfall monitoring system, etc.
Waste treatment Organic waste disposal technology, municipal waste landfill reclamation technology, medical waste treatment, waste plastic combustion technology, etc.
Water purification / water treatment Water quality measurement equipment, water purifier, filtration device, septic tank, etc.
Agriculture Greenhouse, rice mill, irrigation pump, harvesting and processing machinery, etc.
Vocational training and industrial development Mold industry, product transportation improvement, machine tool, inspection, measuring equipment, etc.
welfare Wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, nursing equipment, Braille mobile terminals, Braille printers, etc.
Medical health Electronic medical records, medical network systems, X-ray diagnostic equipment, labor monitoring equipment, dental equipment, etc.
Education Voice pen, e-learning system, science teaching materials, science experiment equipment, etc.
Disaster prevention / disaster countermeasures, etc. Alarm, temporary lighting equipment, disaster relief equipment, etc.

JICA’s private sector support offers

JICA provides business supports that is tailored to the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises expanding their business in developing countries. Our company proposes a suitable business support according to the situation of SMEs. In addition, there is JICA’s support for large companies, and support for large companies is also available. Please contact us if you are looking for overseas expansion.


Our support offers in the JICA project scheme and achievements

We provide consistent support from preparation for application to JICA scheme to surveys after the project approval and deliverables after completion of the survey.
To date, 3 projects have been approved for basic research, 5 projects for project investigation, 1 project for dissemination and demonstration projects, and 1 project for SDGs business investigation (formerly BOP business investigation). Including projects adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have been engaged in 12 projects as of March 2018, widely deployed from Asia to Africa. We have a local staff in Kenya who can respond to various surveys quickly.

  • Application support

    • Project composition (business model advice, etc.)
    • Creation of planning documents
  • Conduct survey
    (domestic and local)

    • General administrative procedures with JICA
    • Logistics support for field surveys (acquisition of local visits, logistic arrangements, etc.)
  • Outcome report

    • Create business completion report (approx. 100 pages)
    • Settlement note / Checkout report creation, etc.
JICA private sector project orders and implementation results
Scheme name Project Title Country Period
Basic survey Basic survey on fertilizer and power generation of organic waste by small methane fermentation system Thailand 2016~2017
Basic survey on sales of inorganic reinforcing materials for the production of non-fired bricks Bangladesh 2017~2018
Survey of manufacturing and sales of plastic rainwater underground storage system that fills the water supply-demand gap India 2015~2015
Project investigation Construction of waste cooking oil recovery system and project investigation on environmental improvement by biodiesel production and dissemination Philippines 2015~2016
Investigation into commercialization of agricultural technology and productivity through production and sales of high value-added fruit vegetables through cooperation between Japan and Thailand Thailand 2015~2016
Investigation for local tea leaf competitiveness improvement project Kenya 2016~2017
Study on the project development of small-scale rural water supply facilities by solar pump system using DC drive pump Senegal 2017~2018
Investigation in improving farmers’ livelihoods through high-value-added moringa production and processing project Bangladesh 2017~2018
Dissemination and demonstration projects Promotion and improvement of fruit and vegetable cultivation technology / high value-added and R & D capacity improvement through cooperation between Japan and Thailand Thailand Proposal creation / adoption
Dissemination and demonstration of steamed green tea production technology to improve local tea leaf competitiveness Kenya Under contract procedure (scheduled for 2018-2020)
A small-scale rural water supply facility development project utilizing DC and AC-driven solar pump systems Senegal Under contract procedure (scheduled for 2018-2020)
Old BOP business Preparatory survey on business cooperation for dissemination of small solar power systems for homes and mobile phone charging systems in Ethiopia Ethiopia 2013~2014
Other business orders and implementation results
Scheme name Project Title Country Period
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Development Assistance Overseas Economic Cooperation Project Survey on the spread of solar cooker projects in refugee camps and rural areas Ethiopia 2014~2015
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Development Assistance Overseas Economic Cooperation Project Survey of needs in the fields of agriculture (including food), environment, energy and waste disposal, vocational training and industrial development Ethiopia 2015~2016
JETRO African demonstration project Manufacture and sales of alternative fuel (pellet) Ethiopia 2016~2017


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