blue dot green offers various consulting services for business realization for those companies with the overseas business development plan for mitigation and adaptation of climate change. Through government and public institutions’ research budgets and subsidies, we aim to realize business together while reducing the company’s cost.

International Business Support Service

For companies considering overseas business development, we provide consulting services with the following four-tiered solutions, depending on the business state of the company.

  1. Support for analyzing the market needs of the countries through local market survey.
  2. Support for strategic planning through local partner development and coordination with government officials.
  3. Establishing and examining overseas business models including utilization of various survey subsidies, and supporting business feasibility studies.
  4. Capital investment and business support related to various types of energy preservation and renewable energy, including our strength off carbon credits application.

Consulting service examples

  • Credit generation support
  • Social environmental survey
  • Survey of local product needs
  • Investment environment survey
  • Competitor analysis
  • Support for finding local partners
  • Business model development
  • Negotiations with local government agencies
  • Support for market development
  • On-site product demonstration support
  • Formulating business plans

Results of overseas business support

World Map


  • DC drive solar pump
  • DC and AC driven solar pumps


  • Solar cooker promotion
  • Promotion of solar home systems
  • Electrification with locally produced and locally consumed electricity
  • Promotion of bioethanol production plant
  • Survey of needs in the fields of agriculture, energy and industrial development
  • Production and sale of alternative fuels


  • Improve local tea leaf competitiveness

Kenya, Tanzania

  • Providing charging services using solar power generation in non-electrified areas


  • Manufacture and sale of rainwater underground storage systems


  • Introduction of lithium-ion batteries to mobile base stations
  • Moringa production and processing
  • Reinforcing materials for the production of non-fired bricks


  • Shoe factory energy saving


  • Production and sales of high value-added fruit and vegetables
  • Sales of small methane fermentation system


  • Introduction of mega solar
  • Making Mongolian ger village into high-performance housing


  • Promotion of electric bikes
  • Shoe factory energy saving


  • Convenience store energy saving


  • Production and promotion of biodiesel

Use Cases Of Public Organization’s Funds

A survey to start an overseas business can be carried out using funds from public institutions. We have a wealth of experience for making proposals for application, and supporting surveys and project execution.

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

    SME / SDGs Business Support Project

    • Basic survey
    • Project investigation
    • Dissemination and demonstration project
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    Infrastructure development research project for Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) acquisition (quantification of international contribution and JCM feasibility study)

  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

    • Project formation project for JCM etc. led by the private sector (project discovery and composition survey)
    • Project formation project for JCM etc. led by the private sector (monitoring, reporting, verification (MRV) method development and quantification of greenhouse gas reduction effects)
  • Ministry of Environment

    Joint Crediting Mechanism finance support project and infrastructure development project (including project assistance) (commonly called : the JCM equipment assistance)


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