Measures for offices in Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government imposes an obligation to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gases to companies that have large-scale offices and use a lot of energy*1. The company can take energy-saving measures, reduce greenhouse gas, or purchase the amount reduced by other offices and use it for their own reduction obligations (emission trading).

On the other hand, companies that do not fall under large-scale offices (small- and medium-sized) are not obliged to reduce them, but CO2 emissions that could be reduced through their own energy-saving measures can be credited and can be sold to large-scale offices. This is called “Small and medium-sized credits in Tokyo” and is one of the credits that can be used for emissions trading at the large-scale offices mentioned above. Small and medium-sized offices can credit CO2 emission reductions by taking the procedure for issuing credits to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government when updating to high-efficiency equipment such as LED lamps and heat pump air conditioners.

Toshima-ku and Tachikawa-ku actively provide subsidies (up to 1 million yen, half the cost used in energy-saving) to small and medium-sized offices to actively promote the use of this system.

Advantages for your company

“Small and medium-sized credits in Tokyo” not only reduce your electricity and gas costs through energy saving measures, but also allow you to sell your CO2 emission reductions to large-scale offices. However, the application procedure is complicated and is very difficult for small and medium-sized offices to apply for themselves. We can support your company by preparing application documents on behalf and handle the application procedures.

In 2016, our company was registered as a supporter of this system in Tachikawa City.

FY2016 Tachikawa City SMEs Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Business Facility Cost Subsidy and “Small and Medium-sized Credits in Tokyo” Support Project System Guide

Our experience

  • Tachikawa City 8 cases (from 2012 to 2015)
  • Toshima-ku 4 cases


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